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IVLA Book of Selected Readings
Selected readings of the IVLA Annual Conference

Book of Selected Readings 2000

2000 Conference

IVLA Book of Selected Readings

"Exploring the Visual Future: Art Design, Science & Technology"
Edited by Robert E. Griffin, Vicki S. Williams, Jung Lee


Table of Contents

Editorial Philosophy
Editorial Acknowledgements
Editors & Associate Editors
Graduate Student Editor
Editors' Choice Award
Braden & Beauchamp Visual Literacy Award

Juried Papers
Symbols Of Unity: World War II Home Front U.S.A.
(Editors' Choice Award Winner)
Elizabeth (Betty) Cramton, Beverlee R. Kissick

Visual Literacy Defined: The Results Of A Delphi Study
Can IVLA (Operationally) Define Visual Literacy?
(Visual Literacy Award Winner)
Jennifer M. Brill, Dohun Kim, Robert Maribe Branch

Towards A Visual Literacy Index
(Visual Literacy Award Winner)
Maria Avgerinou

A Grotesque Paradise: The Roots Of Culture In The Visual Ontology Of Chaos
Michael Arrigo

Perception, Mind And Media: An Interdisciplinary Perceptual Approach To Visual Literacy
Ann Marie Barry

Visual Literacy, Design, And A Sense Of Place
James Boyd-Brent
Intersecting Two Design Problems To Create Multiple Points Of Exploration
J.R. Campbell, Jean Parsons

Visual Compression: Understanding How It Works
Scott Bondurant Chandler

Interpreting Symbols: The Impact Of Context
John J. Cochenour Landra L Rezabek Guy Westhoff

Digital Enhancement Of Photographic Illustrations For Concept Learning In Nature
Richard S. Croft

Art As An Essential Component Of Visual Literacy
Deborah Pratt Curtiss

Bringing The Museum To The Classroom: An Innovative Videoconferencing Prototype
Lisa M. Davis Robert W. Mainhart

Reflections On A Trip To China
Margaret A. Deitrich

Sermons And Parables Of Inventions: Teaching The Technological Sublime In U.S. Classrooms
Ann De Vaney Rebecca P. Butler

How First-Person Shooter Games Position Their Players And What Parents And Teachers Can Do About It
Ann De Vaney, Stephen Gance

Blue Window Pane: Seeing Into CAVEš Virtual Environment Art
Margaret Dolinsky

Harambee: HIV/AIDS Education Utilizing African Cultural Symbols
Ana Donaldson

Just BeCOWS: New Pastures In Urban Art
Ana Donaldson, Nancy Nelson Knupfer

A Systemic Meta-Analytic Assessment Of The Instructional Effects Of Varied Visuals On Different Types Of Educational Objectives
Francis M. Dwyer, Rose Baker

The Effect Of Gender, Field Dependence And Color-Coding On Student Achievement Of Different Educational Objectives
Francis M. Dwyer, David M. (Mike) Moore

Global Landscapes Of Visualization: Building Cross-Cultural Interfaces From Cognitive Profiles
Anthony Faiola

The Graphic Design Exercise (Or Premises, Premises)
Philip Fass

An Analysis Of Ways That Advertising Makes Consumers Of Students
Stephen Gancetween Serif Fonts And Sans Serif Fonts In An On-screen Reading Task
Michael M. Grant, Robert Maribe Branch

Designing An Interface For Web Based Learning: A Case Study Of A Case Study
Robert E. Griffin, Andrew Penton

Learning With Natural Metaphors: The Egg
Cheryl M. Hamilton

Image Fragmentation: A Source For Apparel Design Inspiration
Betsy Henderson

If Einstein Could Paint: An Investigation Into The Use Of Symbol Systems In Cognition
Brad Hokanson

Visual Archaeologies
Brad Hokanson, Steven McCarthy

Enhancing Spatial Visualization Through A Computer-Based Apparel Design Tutorial
M. Jo Kallal, Belinda T. Orzada

Addiction Pattern
Dino Karabeg

The Monoprint: A Singularly Effective Tool For Enhancing Visual Literacy
April Katz

Cultural Heritage, Community, Math, Art, And Quilting: Piecing Together The Fabric Of Generations
Nancy Nelson Knupfer

Vector Versus Bitmap Graphics: Effective Use In Web Design
Nancy Nelson Knupfer, Abdullah Al Shehri

Individual Versus Group Maps: Does Visual Representation Improve?
Cindy L. Kovalik

Quicktime Interactive Movies
Chris J. Lantz, John Baggett

Do I Have Any Choice? Choice Options In Human-Computer Interface Design
Jung Lee

VisionQuestI: Enhancing Design Skills Through Practice With Web Resources
Jung Lee, Cheryl Knowles-Harrigan

A Principles, Actions, And Tools Approach To Teaching Visual Design
Linda Lohr

Fifteen Years Down The Digital Highway: Establishing Digital Media In An Introductory Landscape Architecture Studio
Michael D. Martin, Christopher J. Seeger

The Integration Of Thinking And Making: The Generator Project
Michael D. Martin, Travis L. Rice, Christopher J. Seeger

Attributing Meaning To Corporate Logos
Barbara E. Martinson, Sauman Chu

Sacred Knowledge: 13 Stations Of Knowledge Acquisition
Suesi Metcalf

Visual Timelines: Perception, Cognition, Connections
Suesi Metcalf

Spatial Ability And Virtual Reality
James L. Mohler

Qualitative Data Visualized Through Multimedia Teaching Tools
Ann Monroe-Baillargeon, Thomas Hergert, Abby Martino

Medicine Wheels And Petroglyphs: Visual Cues To The Past
Cat Morningstar, Landra L. Rezabek, Christi Boggs

Art, Technology, And Education: Accessing The Reality And Voice Of Women Artists Past And Present
Barbara Mullen, Mary L. Buck

Graphic Organizers For Course Introduction And Evaluation
Barbara J. Orde

Relationship Of Spatial Visualization Skills To Style Of Processing Preferences
Belinda T. Orzada, M. Jo Kallal

Visual Understanding: The Ethics Of Architectural Representation
Gregory S. Palermo

Assessing Image Contents
Rune Pettersson

The Effects Of Format On Cognitive Learning Objectives
Wonda J. Riner

Multi-Sensory Learning Experiences For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
Debra Satterfield

A Rose Is A Rose - But Maybe It Shouldn't Be Red: Visual Education In The Age Of Intercultural Marketing Communication
Mary Ellen Schiller

Concept Learning Through Visual Creation
Susan Simms

Improving Depressed Reading And Language Comprehension By Teaching Students To Create Visual Images
Carol Stockdale

Tessellations Trek: Integration And Collaboration By Design
Sharon Teabo, Frances Dolloph

Enhancing Your Image: Digital Video "Teachnology"
Vicki S. Williams, Barry O. Williams

Synthesis: Some Answers To Some Questions
Kristen Wright-Evans


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